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General news / STATEMENT
NATO - Washington Summit Declaration
By Paul Taylor - 12/07/2024
General news / NEWS
EPC appoints Corina Stratulat as new Associate Director
By European Policy Centre - 15/01/2024
General news / NEWS
Christmas message from the EPC's Management Team
By Fabian Zuleeg , Maral Bedrossian , Ricardo Borges de Castro , Georg Riekeles , Emma Woodford , Elizabeth Kuiper , Janis Emmanouilidis - 21/12/2023
General news / REPORT
Annual Report 2022
By European Policy Centre - 15/12/2023
General news / PRESS RELEASE
Equinor to support strategic thinking at the EPC
By European Policy Centre - 13/09/2023
General news / MESSAGE
Culture this summer: What to read, watch and listen to
By European Policy Centre - 23/08/2023
General news / NEWS
EPC appoints Garvan Walshe as new Head of Communications
By European Policy Centre - 01/06/2023

Ongoing Projects

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General news / QUOTE
EPC - What's in a name?
Marta Mucznik's comment on why the European Political Community should be referred to as 'EPoC' and not 'EPC' was featured in POLITICO's renowned newsletter, "Brussels Playbook". 

Read the newsletter here.

02 July 2023 - ,

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