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EPC celebrated its 25th anniversary

In 2022, the EPC celebrated its 25th anniversary, which provided the perfect opportunity to take stock of our achievements over the last 25 years, see how far we have come, and, at the same time, look ahead to the future. 

For the past 25 years, we have advised European, as well as national decision-makers, and delivered high-quality, independent analysis and actionable, evidence-based recommendations. We have helped journalists, civil society, businesses, and the broader public to make sense of the complex world of EU policymaking. We have brought together people from different backgrounds, industries and research fields to be able to view problems from every possible angle and transcend the silo approach.

Throughout our efforts to make European integration work, we have stayed true to our core values of supporting an open, free, cooperative, pluralist, diverse and inclusive Europe. As the world changes around us, it remains our firm belief that collaboration between European countries is the best way to guarantee continued peace, prosperity and freedom. It is also the only way Europe can hold its own in an increasingly volatile environment and address the most pressing challenges of our lifetime, from climate change to rapid technological progress, from COVID-19 to the crisis of democracy, from global instability to rising inequality.

We marked our anniversary with different activities throughout the year, culminating in a flagship public, high-level conference - “The EU’s Reckoning With Power”.

But it's not all about looking back – as we capture and commemorate our past, it is equally, if not more important, to turn our gaze to the future. We are striving to continue to grow and develop as an organisation: facilitating more cooperation between think tanks across Europe; committing to more sustainable practices; embracing the latest technologies; remaining uncompromising in our quest for independence and transparency; and creating space for a more diverse set of voices to be part of the debate.

There is a renewed sense of urgency about the importance of fact-based knowledge and the need for fresh ideas. That is what drives us on as a think tank, as a team, and as a leading, forward-looking organisation. The task ahead might be challenging, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it is that whatever comes our way, we will be ready.

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