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EPC membership gives you unparalleled access not only to our in-house expertise but also to our network of organisations and to the European Commissioners, MEPs and high-ranking officials from the EU institutions and international organisations who regularly speak at our events.


Through our high-level events and publications, we are actively engaged in promoting a structured debate across Europe and beyond on the important questions facing the EU, acting as a catalyst for new thinking and new solutions.


The EPC produces a range of publications, from in-depth Working Papers and Issue Papers to shorter Policy Briefs and our multi-author journal, Challenge Europe. EPC experts are also available for consultation on the latest EU policy developments.



The EPC's work programme reflects the dynamic nature of the fast-moving EU policy agenda. It is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure our activities reflect the changing nature of the EU agenda and the interests of our members.

All EPC members benefit from a wide range of core services, including:
  • Free attendance at all events (on- and offline)
  • EPC invitations and publications delivered to your inbox
  • Rapid, critical analysis of EU Summit meetings
  • Unparalleled peer-to-peer and cross-constituency networking opportunities
  • Contact with leading political personalities & opinion formers through events
  • Access to advice, knowledge and expertise
  • Other relevant communications, including occasional event reports

Membership fees

EPC membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining. All fees are exclusive of VAT (21%).

EPC applies a policy of automatic renewal. This means that unless we hear from you three months before the end of your affiliation that you no longer wish to be a member, your membership will be automatically renewed.

Corporates €3 000 to €12 500
Open to small, medium and large multi-national companies. Fee depending on size.

Professional and Business Associations €1 000 to 3 000 

Diplomatic Representations €500 to €1 250
Open to missions, embassies and permanent representations. Fee depending on size.
Inter-Governmental and Governmental Organisations €1 000
Regional Bodies and Local Authorities €1 000
Non-Governmental Organisations €500
Platforms of Non-Governmental Organisations €1 000
Foundations €500
Religious organisation €500
Academic €1 000
Open to universities with departments of European studies

Free membership

Thanks to a grant from the King Baudouin Foundation, EPC's strategic partner, the EPC may, in exceptional circumstances, grant free membership to organisations in the third sector that have limited financial means and whose contribution would bring added value to the work of the EPC. 

The EPC is committed to building a strong European think tank network. If you want to become a Think Tank member, please get in touch with us.

Main criteria

The organisations falling under the following categories may apply: not-for-profit associations, registered charities, voluntary bodies, non-governmental organisations, social enterprises, mutuals or cooperatives.

Applicant bodies’ missions and objectives must be compatible with the aims and objectives of the EPC.

Applicant bodies must be legally constituted and be able to provide proof of official registration.

They must provide written justification for their request, including providing a copy of their current annual budget/and most recent accounts for verification purposes.


Free membership will be granted for a limited time period and will be reviewed after 12 months. Renewal of free membership is not automatic.

The EPC reserves the right to refuse any application for free membership.

Applicants may not disclose the arrangement with EPC to third parties.

Applicants will receive the same benefits as paying members in their categories.

Any request for a free membership will be dealt with within four weeks from the date of submission to the EPC.


In certain cases, for example, retired EU or national officials, individual membership is possible and is considered on a case-by-case basis.

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