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Equinor to support strategic thinking at the EPC

General news / PRESS RELEASE
European Policy Centre

Date: 13/09/2023
Equinor, the Norway-based international energy company, will donate €300,000 per year for the next three years via the new Friends of EPC fund set up at the King Baudouin Foundation, to enable the EPC to build transnational connections and foster independent strategic and interconnected thinking on the major challenges Europe faces.

The EPC is committed to long-term thinking on the future of Europe, which can only be done when think tanks have the independence to pursue evidence-based policy research and the means to build sustained analysis, networks and cooperation.

Commenting on the donation, Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive of the EPC, said:

“We are delighted that Equinor has chosen to support the activities of the EPC with this donation. It will be an extremely welcome contribution to our aim to foster transnational think tank cooperation, and our work on Europe's triple challenge: the permacrisis, structural transformations (sustainability, technology, and demography), and the watershed of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including its implications for (economic) security.”

“At the EPC we are committed to pursuing independent research and policy advice guided by evidence-based intellectual inquiry. We are extremely grateful to Equinor for their support. It will contribute to the further development of the voice of strong, independent think tanks in Europe.”

To continue being a channel for strong independent expert voices and advice, the EPC needs committed long-term backers that respect its vision, strategy and moral compass.

Notes to Editors

The donation is made to the new Friends of EPC fund set up at the King Baudouin Foundation. The Friends of EPC Fund is a general fund to support the EPC, open also to other organisations and individuals, and there is no direct involvement by the donor in the EPC’s operational activities. It is one of a series of “Friends of…” funds at the King Baudouin Foundation. For more information on the “Friends of…” concept and detailed information on donation conditions, please consult this page

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