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EUropean Defence and Security Project (DefSecEU)

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has fundamentally changed EUrope’s geostrategic landscape. So, too, did the war in the Middle East, revisionist Russia, prickly relations with China, and uncertainty about the United States’ commitment to European security. 
This is further compounded by security challenges that range from climate security to migration flows to terrorism to disruptive technologies.

The first steps in bolstering EUropean security and defence have begun, albeit haphazardly, through military aid to Ukraine, replenishment of member states’ stocks, adoption of new NATO defence plans, the launch of the long-awaited European Defence Industrial Strategy, and humanitarian aid to Gaza, as well as strengthened enlargement policy and economic security. However, in doing so, it has become apparent that European defence suffers from structural vulnerabilities and underinvestment while member states cannot address these global threats alone, undermining EUrope’s capabilities to respond to international crises and adequately meet its own security needs. 

To contribute to developing a more robust European defence posture, the EPC has launched the EUropean Defence & Security Project.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Contribute to the development of a more robust European defence posture and resilience against hybrid threats,
  • Craft actionable recommendations on increasing human, financial and industrial resources to enhance European defence capabilities,
  • Foster strategic thinking and debates about European security and defence initiatives while ensuring coherence with the wider EU and NATO policy developments,
  • Create a multi-stakeholder platform for policymakers, experts, civil society and private sector for exchange on defence and defence-related issues, 
  • Contribute towards a common European strategic defence vision, which strengthens NATO and international security.

Watch the launch event here

For further information on our work and opportunities to support it, please email Juraj Majcin, Policy Analyst for Defence and Security,


Senior Adviser on security and defence policy
Chief Executive and Chief Economist 
Europe’s political economy, Future of Europe, EU relationship with third countries, transnational think tank cooperation
Deputy Head of Europe in the World Programme and Senior Policy Analyst
Turkey, Ukraine, South Caucasus, security and conflict resolution in the Black Sea, EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood, Enlargement, counter-violent extremism
Policy Analyst
European security and defence policies, Middle East political and security issues, EU-Middle East relations, Black Sea security developments, hybrid threats
Policy Analyst
European and transatlantic security and defence cooperation, hybrid threats, disinformation, cybersecurity
Policy Analyst
Foreign, security & defence policy, human security, enlargement, infrastructure, Russia, Eastern Partnership, Indo-Pacific, innovation

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