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Project ELEVATED (European integration, rule of Law, citizen Engagement and common Values Amplified by Thought leadership, Exchanges and Debate) is a 4-year Framework Operating Grant sponsored by the European Commission under the Programme of CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values). The project start and first-year operating grant was in January 2021.

In line with the EPC’s mission and the CERV Programme priorities, ELEVATED will help develop Europe’s public space on values, policies and citizens’ rights and empower and engage citizens to take part actively in the debate on the EU’s future, achieved through a number of activities and themes, including:

• Conference on the Future of Europe
• Trans-nationalisation of EU policy debates beyond the Brussels bubble through strengthened think tank cooperation and
• Explaining the EU and its functioning to the broader public
• Defending democratic and fundamental rights covering rule of law & fundamental values, disinformation and citizens’ rights in
terms of free movement, as well as migration/asylum debates.
• Promoting welfare and social inclusion post-COVID19 covering a fair, sustainable and resilient recovery, a stronger Social Europe
and the EU’s demographic challenges.
• Empowering youth movements and citizens in environment/climate action, also covering just transition to climate neutrality.


As part of a CERV-ELEVATED re-granting call, the EPC invites submissions of project proposals to support the implementation of the following two calls:

1. CALL -  Project Presidency

Spanish edition of EPC's Project Presidency project, offering one grant of up to €20,000 to an EPC think tank member based in an EU member state.

The selected partner organisation will have to organise activities around the Spanish Presidency's priorities by connecting policy debates between Brussels and Madrid and provide proven expertise in a broad variety of policy issues concerning Spanish and EU political debates.

There is no deadline for applications, but we expect them to arrive in due time to be able to carry out the activities before the end of the Spanish Presidency (June 30th, 2023) or shortly thereafter.

2.CALL -  European Dialogue on Disinformation ahead of the 2024 European elections

The project “European Dialogue on Disinformation ahead of the 2024 European elections” seeks to foster an inclusive and multistakeholder approach to addressing disinformation and promoting democratic participation. EPC is offering one grant of up to €20,000.

The selected partner organisation will have to organise activities around EPC’s Task Force on Disinformation with the objective to study disinformation in a cross-disciplinary fashion. 

There is no deadline for applications, but we expect them to arrive in due time to be able to carry out the activities before the end of year 2023.

Eligibility criteria:

Only EPC think tank members based in EU member states are eligible to apply. The evaluation criteria include a clear project proposal with well-defined objectives, evidence of in-house capacity to complete the project, and a clear budget (see more details in the call for proposal).

An applicant could apply for only one of the above calls.

Please select the proper application form for the call you wish to apply for.

Completed application forms should be sent to



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