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Amanda Paul
Senior Policy Analyst

Amanda Paul is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Europe in the World Programme at the EPC. She has well-established expertise on issues related to Turkish foreign and domestic policy, Ukraine, security and conflict resolution in the Black Sea region, Russian foreign policy in the former Soviet space and EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood. Amanda also developed and leads EPC’s work on counter-terrorism and violent extremism. She is also Senior Associate Research Fellow at the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she contributes to research and events related to Ukraine and the broader region. She is also a Senior Advisor on issues related to the Eurasia region for Stober, Poltavets and Associates. For some ten years she was a columnist in the Turkish media covering issues related to Turkey and the broader region. Prior to joining the EPC, Amanda worked at the Centre for European Policy Studies, the European Commission and Türk Henkel in Istanbul, Turkey. She has published widely on her areas of expertise in numerous external publications, including academic journals and in the media. 


Europe in the World


Ukraine Forum, The Crime-Terror Nexus, Security and Conflict Resolution in the South Caucasus, The Challenge of Jihadist Radicalisation

Areas of expertise

Turkish foreign/domestic policy, security/conflict resolution in the Black Sea/Eurasia region, Russian foreign policy in the former Soviet space/Middle East, EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood, counter-terrorism

Current positions


Masters in International Relations, University of Staffordshire


English, Turkish, French, Russian



Helping Ukraine survive the winter is a life-or-death imperative
By Amanda Paul , Svitlana Taran - 09/12/2022
Quadruple military aid for Ukraine
By Amanda Paul - 06/10/2022
War crimes and genocidal intent in the heart of Europe
By Amanda Paul - 27/06/2022
EU candidate status for Ukraine is a geopolitical and moral imperative
By Amanda Paul , Ricardo Borges de Castro - 21/06/2022
Look at the war through Ukrainian eyes
By Amanda Paul - 14/04/2022


Turkey-Germany Relations in a Post-Merkel Era
Amanda Paul contributed to an analysis on the future of the Turkey-Germany relations in the post-Merkel era. You can read the full article here.

28 January 2022 - ,
Inside Arabia
Ukraine / QUOTE
What would a Russian invasion of Ukraine trigger for the EU?
Amanda Paul is quoted in the Deutsche Welle's article entitled "What would a Russian invasion of Ukraine trigger for the EU?". You can read it here.

24 January 2022 - ,
Deutsche Welle
Georgia / OP-ED
Thirteen years on – 20% of Georgia is still occupied by Russia
Amanda Paul and Iana Maisuradze wrote an op-ed on the current situation in Georgia 13 years after the 2008 war. You can read it here

Thirteen years on – 20% of Georgia is still occupied by Russia
06 August 2021 - ,

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