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Digitalisation as an enabler for Circular Economy

The EPC project “Digitalisation as an enabler for Circular Economy” was carried out in 2021 with the support of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications. It explored the current and prospective practices in information transfer across value chains. It also studied how EU policies can help create an enabling environment that encourages the use of data and incentivises the development and deployment of digital solutions for this aim. The project comprised two workshops and additional research activities, which fed into the Discussion Paper “Building a circular economy: The role of information transfer”. 

You can find the summaries of both workshops here.



Circular economy / DISCUSSION PAPER
Building a circular economy: The role of information transfer
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka - 17/11/2021


Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme

Climate, energy, environment, EU budget, sustainable EU, circular economy, smarter use of resources, agriculture, Industrial transformation,  transport

Senior Policy Analyst
Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation

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