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Stefan Sipka
Senior Policy Analyst
Stefan Sipka is a Senior Policy Analyst in the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme working on environmental policies and smarter use of resources. His immediate focus revolves, in particular, around the circular economy, EU common agricultural policy, and interlinkages between these and other relevant policies at the EU and global level.

Stefan's engagement in the EPC is built upon his previous academic and professional background in environment, public policy, international relations and the EU. He worked for more than five years in the Belgrade think tank Centar za evropske politike (CEP), the EU Delegation to Serbia and the Hungarian National Waste Management Agency. His professional and academic output includes numerous research publications, policy papers, advocacy events, and legislative, policy and project proposals.

Stefan is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability commitments and believes that EU policies can deliver substantial improvements in this regard.


Sustainable Prosperity for Europe


Areas of expertise

Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation

Current positions


MSs in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management, Lund University and Central European University
MA and BA in International Relations, University of Belgrade


English, German, Serbian, Italian



Steak or survival: Time to reflect on the Europeans’ priorities
By Stefan Sipka - 30/05/2023
European Commission / DISCUSSION PAPER
The von der Leyen European Commission at midterm: Same priorities, different reality
By Corina Stratulat , Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka , Janis A. Emmanouilidis , Johannes Greubel , Francesco De Angelis , Laura Rayner , Perle Petit , Silvia Carta , Andrea G. Rodríguez , Simon Dekeyrel , Melanie Fessler , Tommaso Grossi , Emily Fitzpatrick , Elizabeth Kuiper , Marta Mucznik - 13/06/2022
Transatlantic affairs / EPC ROUND-UP
Searching for economic security in an age of confrontation: The Trade and Technology Council takes shape
By Annika Hedberg , Guillaume Van der Loo , Frederico Mollet , Georg E. Riekeles , Andrea G. Rodríguez , Simon Dekeyrel , Evin Jongen-Fay - 19/05/2022
Circular economy / DISCUSSION PAPER
Building a circular economy: The role of information transfer
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka - 17/11/2021


Climate / ARTICLE
The role of European Union policies in accelerating the green transition
Annika Hedberg and Stefan Sipka wrote an article published by Veolia Institute on the EU's role in accelerating the green transition. The authors analysed key EU directives, the European Green Deal objectives, and the challenges and prospects for moving forward.

The article is available in English and in French.

The role of European Union policies in accelerating the green transition
01 March 2023 - ,
Veolia Institute
Air pollution / ARTICLE
Everyone’s Problem: Tackling Air Pollution in Europe’s Cities
Stefan Sipka provided comments for the "Everyone's Problem: Tackling Air Pollution in Europe's Cities" article published by the Green European Journal. 

You can read the article here.

28 June 2021 - ,
Green European Journal
Digitalisation / COMMENTARY
Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization
Annika Hedberg and Stefan Sipka wrote a commentary entitled "Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization" published in the One Earth monthly journal from Cell Press. The authors argued that although not actively recognized, the ongoing digital transformation can serve as an enabler and even as a catalyst for creating a circular economy. 

You can read the commentary here.

Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization
18 June 2021 - ,
One Earth - Cell Press

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