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Senior Policy Analyst
Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation


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Sustainability / COMMENTARY
The Farm to Fork strategy and the inconvenient truth
By Annika Hedberg - 28/05/2020
Sustainability / WORKING PAPER
An Agenda for Sustainable Growth in Europe
By Julien Bouzon , Carlos Buhigas Schubert - 18/03/2005


Sustainability / CONFERENCE
Sustainability and competitiveness

26 June 2018 - BusinessEurope’s Seminar on Sustainability,

Sustainability / CONFERENCE
What to expect on Sustainable finance 2019-2024
Stefan Sipka moderated a panel discussion during the event ‘What to expect on Sustainable finance 2019-2024’ hosted by Accountancy Europe.

05 June 2019 - Brussels, Belgique/Belgie
Accountancy Europe
Sustainability / WORKSHOP
Educational seminar at the Mid-Norway European Office
Stefan Sipka spoke at an educational seminar at the Mid-Norway European Office.

07 June 2019 - Norway House, Belgique/Belgie
Mid-Norway European Office
Sustainability / CONFERENCE
Towards a digital bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region
Stefan Sipka spoke at a seminar ‘Towards a digital bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region’ as part of the 10th Annual Forum of the Strategy for the Baltic Region 2019.

12 June 2019 - Gdansk, Polska
EUSBR PA Innovation and EUSBSR PA Bioeconomy

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