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Security policy / COMMENTARY
Historical choices after the massacres in Paris
By Yves Pascouau - 14/01/2015
Security policy / POLICY BRIEF
Revisiting the European Security Strategy - beyond 2008
By Antonio Missiroli - 23/04/2008
Security policy / WORKING PAPER
Building societal security in Europe: the EU's role in managing emergencies
By Mark Rhinard , Antonio Missiroli , Arjen Boin , Magnus Ekengren , Bengt Sundelius - 17/04/2007
Security policy / ISSUE PAPERS
A human security agenda for the EU?
By John Kotsopoulos - 21/06/2006
Security policy / ISSUE PAPERS
An EU Strategic Concept
By Fraser Cameron - 18/06/2003
Security policy / WORKING PAPER
The Convention and Common Foreign and Security Policy
By Fraser Cameron - 18/03/2003


Security policy / EXPERT ROUNDTABLE
Towards a more effective regional security architecture
Amanda Paul took part in an expert workshop in Vienna organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on “Towards a more effective regional security architecture"

05 November 2019 - ,
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
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