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Friends of EPC Fund launched

General news / PRESS RELEASE
European Policy Centre

Date: 21/04/2023
A new Friends of EPC Fund has been launched, which will allow individuals and organisations to donate to a portfolio of projects that support the general strategic objectives of the EPC. It will contribute to the EPC’s funding diversity, allowing a broader base of individuals and organisations to support our work. The new fund is a contribution to securing the long-term financial future of the EPC, providing a hands-off way to support the EPC, fully respecting its independence and intellectual autonomy. The ’Friends of’ funds are hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation. By creating a ‘Friends of’ fund, a group of philanthropists decides to support a particular organisation or association in a structural and sustainable way.

Commenting on the establishment of the new fund, Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive of the EPC, said:

“We are very grateful for this new arrangement that will broaden our fundraising base and open our fundraising to individuals and organisations around the world that share our objectives of working on providing long-term solutions to meet EUrope's triple challenge, the permacrisis, structural transformations (sustainability, technology and demography) and the watershed of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, as well as fostering transnational cooperation between think tanks.”

“This new method of fundraising is part of our efforts to develop a portfolio of fundraising routes to sustain the operations of independent think tanks like the EPC in a competitive fundraising environment.”

Notes to Editors

The Friends of EPC Fund is a general fund to support the EPC, and there is no direct involvement by the donor in the EPC’s operational activities, which protects the EPC’s independence. Donations by organisations and individuals may be made by electronic transfer, credit card, or QR code. The King Baudouin Foundation can provide tax certificates for donations over €40 under conditions set out on the KBF Website.

It is one of a series of “Friends of…” funds at the King Baudouin Foundation that allow organisations to raise funds. More information on the “Friends of…” concept and detailed information on donation conditions is available at

Donations to the Friends of EPC Fund can be made using one of the following links. The page is available in multiple languages:





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