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Post-Summit Briefing
Informal European Council: Moving towards new strategic priorities?

Monday, 09 October 2023


Fabian Zuleeg
Chief Executive & Chief Economist, European Policy Centre
Helena Hahn
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
Janis Emmanouilidis
Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Studies, European Policy Centre


Jacki Davis
Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre

This EPC Update and Post-summit Briefing will analyse and assess the discussions and outcomes of the informal European Council summit, taking place on 6 October in Granada. The summit will provide an opportunity for EU leaders to discuss the Union’s strategic priorities from 2024 onwards.

Which policy objectives and areas will be key after the 2024 European elections? What are the potential trade-offs among them, and how will the debate on EU enlargement affect the definition of the Union’s strategic priorities? Will EU leaders be able to progress on those priorities in the next politico-institutional cycle? Will they find a balance between the different positions among and within the EU27 on open strategic autonomy? Will they be able to agree on a united approach that enhances Europe's self-sufficiency and independence in critical areas while staying open to global trade and cooperation? And how will EU leaders reflect and respond to the increasing migration pressures on the EU27?
Participation is open to EPC members only, the media and EU officials.

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