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Danielle Brady
Junior Policy Analyst
Danielle Brady is Junior Policy Analyst for the Social Europe and Wellbeing programme. Her interests include EU health and social policies.

Before joining the EPC, Danielle worked as a Policy and Events Assistant at the Office of the Northern Ireland Executive in Brussels. Her work was focused on monitoring and conducting research on EU policies and legislation and assisting in the organisation of policy and cultural events.

Danielle graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2019 with a Master of Arts degree in Politics. She previously obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Maynooth University in 2018.


Social Europe and Well-Being


Areas of expertise

EU health and social policies

Current positions

Programme Assistant


Master of Arts in Politics, Queen’s University Belfast
Bachelor of Arts Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Maynooth University


English, Irish



Conference on the Future of Europe / EPC ROUND-UP
The Conference on the Future of Europe: From citizens’ recommendations to EU policy
By Ivano di Carlo , Sophie Pornschlegel , Francesco De Angelis , Laura Rayner , Danielle Brady , Filipe Ataíde Lampe , Silvia Carta - 05/05/2022
Inequality / COMMENTARY
Gender equality: Who cares? Do you?
By Laura Rayner , Danielle Brady - 08/03/2022
Building public trust to successfully deploy AI in EU healthcare
By Danielle Brady - 26/01/2022
Inequality / COMMENTARY
The Pay Transparency Directive: One small step for womankind
By Laura Rayner , Danielle Brady - 08/03/2021

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