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Advancing military mobility in Europe: A multisectoral approach

The Strategic Compass for EU security and defence outlines multiple objectives and deliverables in military mobility, such as the recently launched EU Action Plan on military mobility 2.0, speeding up the implementation of dual-use transport infrastructure projects, and enhancing EU-NATO cooperation.

Improving military mobility has been an important step for the EU’s ambition to become a stronger defence actor. Moreover, it is an area that could bring the EU and NATO further together as indispensable players (covering transport, infrastructure, regulatory and military aspects) and create a channel for deepening cooperation.

With the support of The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), the EPC aims to contribute with recommendations that will help the EU and its member states to advance military mobility objectives. Furthermore, it will promote dialogue and coordination among stakeholders from the EU, US, UK, and other partner countries that work on transport-related issues, sustainable infrastructure, digital aspects, military and political affairs.

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