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Youth Driven, Future Focused: Young Perspectives on the 2024 European Parliament Elections

European elections / COMPENDIUM

Date: 16/05/2024
The 2024 European Parliament elections are approaching, and for the first time, several European Union (EU) member states have allowed citizens from 16 years to cast their vote, giving young Europeans a stronger stake in defining Europe’s future. This comes at a crucial time for European politics, when – faced with permacrisis and the need to adapt to several societal transitions (green, digital, demographic, economic) simultaneously – Europe must go through change to ensure a prosperous and secure future.

Furthermore, two aspects of the debate about youth participation and inclusion in politics are resurfacing: youth representativity and representation. Together, they reflect the importance of rejuvenating the cohort of MEPs (the average age is 49 in 2019-2024 and 53 in 2014-2019) and making them more receptive to youth concerns.

This compendium provides a platform for young perspectives, asking young Europeans what drives their generation to vote and how the European Parliament elections are relevant to them. The perspectives from contributors between 17 and 30 years of age have been gathered, including authors from the European Policy Centre and Connecting Europe’s network of civil society organisations, think tanks, network projects, and fellowship programs. 

The contributions illustrate the urgency of change for European politics. Change that leads to a better future by addressing intergenerational aspects. Young voters are central for this task.


Read the full paper here.

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