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Violence against women: A public health crisis

Health & healthcare / DISCUSSION PAPER
Victoria Pedjasaar

Date: 27/11/2023
In the EU, a third of women over the age of 15 have experienced physical or sexual violence and over half have been sexually harassed.

Although often overlooked, the majority of (workplace) violence takes place in the healthcare sector as healthcare professionals are 16 times more at risk of violence in comparison to other occupations. Violence does not only manifest in abusive behaviour toward workers on duty but can also be perpetrated on women as receivers of healthcare. High rates of violence in healthcare, brought on and exacerbated by gender stereotypes and inequality, point to dysfunctional health systems.

This Discussion Paper provides policy recommendations on the way forward for the EU member states, taking a closer look at:

  1. Gender-based violence against healthcare workers.
  2. Obstetric and gynaecological violence against women.
  3. Gender-based violence as a story of gender inequality.
  4. Legislation and policies that protect women.

Read the full paper here.
Photo credits:
Thibaud Moritz / AFP

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