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Transatlantic Guardrails: Fostering sustainable EU-US relations

Transatlantic affairs / EXTERNAL PUBLICATION
Ricardo Borges de Castro

Date: 17/11/2023
In today's fast-paced changing geopolitical and geoeconomic environment, the EU and the US should set up ‘transatlantic guardrails’ to keep the bilateral relationship from potentially derailing and capable to withstand future political headwinds, argues Ricardo Borges de Castro, Associate Director and Head of Europe in the World Programme at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, in this policy brief.

To identify opportunities for such "transatlantic guardrails," he takes stock of existing instruments or instances of formal and ad-hoc cooperation, policy and strategy gaps, and the so-called ‘irritants’ in key domains for EU-US relations. Indeed, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the future transatlantic security architecture, relations with China, economic security, trade and tech, the green and energy transitions, and relations with the global south, are likely to shape EU-US ties in the long-term.

The policy brief is a publication of the Transatlantic Expert Group set up by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, D.C.

This article was first published in Bertelsmann Stiftung’s 2023 Transatlantic Expert Group Policy Brief, 1st Edition.

Read the full paper here.
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