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The US-EU Trade and Technology Council: Assessing the record on data and technology issues

Transatlantic affairs / DISCUSSION PAPER
Andrea García Rodríguez , Frances G. Burwell

Date: 20/04/2023
Since its creation, the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) has endorsed a Declaration for the Future of the Internet (DFI), designed a Joint Roadmap for transatlantic cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI) and identified quantum technology as a high priority.

While these achievements can be considered success stories, this Discussion Paper argues that the TTC is now facing a dilemma. Different approaches to technology and digital governance and the lack of regulatory autonomy make the TTC best suited to address emerging issues that do not require changes in legislation. Yet, this is precisely what stakeholders want it to address. So, how can the TTC ensure its continuity without regulatory authority?

The Paper offers five key recommendations:

  1. Make AI a test case and build from the lessons of the Joint AI Roadmap;
  2. Engage in issues where there is an initial strong value alignment and no regulation;
  3. Work on moonshot ideas such as the “metaverse” or low-earth orbit governance;
  4. Take oversight over the special task forces it has created to tackle critical issues such as the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA);
  5. Think more actively about how to push its efforts into multilateral forums with like-minded partners.

Read the full paper here.
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