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NATO and the European Union: Bridging the gap

Andrew Duff

Date: 13/05/2024

In this Discussion Paper, Andrew Duff examines how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed structural flaws in how the West organises its European defence and how the European Union and NATO have struggled to coordinate, risking duplication and competition. Despite largely overlapping membership, neither organisation has been able to realise conventional solid defence forces. Europe’s armaments industries remain largely fragmented. Ukraine’s application to join the EU and NATO upturns the status quo. 

The author analyses how the Union's political and financial heft can best be combined with the Atlantic Alliance's military strength and recommends forging a permanent organic link between the two at the executive level. However, a joint command will enhance the EU’s development in security and defence, revitalise NATO, and ensure that the US and UK remain engaged in Europe.

Read the full paper here.
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