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Empowering citizens in Europe’s green transition: The role of digital solutions

Climate & energy / DISCUSSION PAPER
Laura Rayner , Berta López Domènech , Brooke Moore , Eric Maurice

Date: 25/06/2024

As Europe undergoes the green transition, engaging citizens as both beneficiaries and active agents in combating climate change is vital. Deeper participation helps to mitigate costs while promoting a more inclusive approach to the green transition.

Digital solutions support top-down and bottom-up methods of citizen involvement, ranging from citizen climate assemblies to online activism. These digital solutions can overcome obstacles like resource limitations, dwindling public trust, and a significant skills shortage in the green and digital arenas. Digital tools widen public participation and empower individuals to influence environmental policy

This Discussion Paper highlights that the EU needs to:
  • Intensify efforts to place citizens at the heart of the twin transition.
  • Strengthen initiatives aimed at improving digital skills and literacy at the EU and member state level.
  • Promote open discussions about the trade-offs involved in the green transition, addressing the negative impacts of digitalisation.
  • Expand policy frameworks and access to digital information transfer tools, platforms, and technologies.
  • Encourage active participation in environmental decision-making through increased citizen access to environmental information.

Read the full paper here.
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