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Promoting a Dialogue on Migration

Migration is one of the defining societal and political issues of our time. The polarisation and politicization of the topic is however hindering the development of constructive approaches and coordination between stakeholders across different political, professional and geographical divides. Considering that such dialogues and coordination are essential for developing and implementing effective policy initiatives, the European Policy Centre and Egmont Institute, in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, launched a Reflection Group to ‘Promote a Dialogue’ on migration in 2020.  
Bringing together Belgian and European policymakers, representatives of federal, regional and local authorities as well as international organisations and civil society, including migrant-led organisations, the meetings of the Reflection Group focused on priority questions in relation to migration, asylum and integration. The activities and discussions fostered mutual learning and innovative thinking, also building bridges between different stakeholders. 
While focused on the Belgium context, the activities and conversations of the reflection group included a strong European dimension. Over the course of four years, the Reflection Group followed closely several emergencies, including the response to large-scale displacement from Ukraine. It focused on the pressure on the Belgian accommodation and reception systems, particularly following secondary movements from other EU countries. It also examined the potential benefits of better integration policies and well-managed labour migration.  
The closing session of the project took place on 24 April 2024, with the distinguished participation of António Vitorino, former European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs and Director General of the International Organization for Migration, and Herman Van Rompuy, former Belgian Prime Minister and President Emeritus of the European Council. The closing session provided an opportunity to discuss future strategic priorities in migration policy following the Belgian and European Parliament elections of June 2024.




Senior Adviser on European migration and diversity
Head of European Migration and Diversity and Senior Policy Analyst
Common European Asylum System, refugee law, migrants' integration, multiculturalism, politics of migration, EU citizens rights, free movement

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