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Europe’s Quantum Frontier

Europe can ill afford to miss out on the “next big thing” in emerging technologies. Together with the Dutch national ecosystem for quantum innovation, Quantum Delta NL, the EPC has set up a ‘Quantum task force’ to provide analysis and policy recommendations to develop a European quantum industrial ecosystem.

In much of the digital space, the EU is confronted by the need to catch up, as Europe belatedly realised it had been surpassed by the world’s tech leaders and was left dependent in critical areas. In the context of sharpening geoeconomic competition, the EU’s strategy of (open) strategic autonomy requires the development of advanced technological capabilities across several sectors.

Quantum technologies are a case in point. Quantum innovation is moving forward rapidly and carries significant implications across the economy, from cybersecurity to healthcare. The EU has world-leading expertise, but building up a competitive quantum industry requires the right policy mix and investment.

This EPC task force works with actors across the European industry and policymaking community to lead the EU policy debate in developing a European quantum ecosystem. Successive workstreams focus on issues such as quantum supply chains and industrial policy, post-quantum cryptography and cybersecurity, the quantum knowledge economy and quantum ethics.



Associate Director and Head of Europe's Political Economy programme
International negotiations, trade, EU’s international role, security and defense, single market, digital policies, EU governance and interinstitutional relations, future of Europe
Programme Assistant
EU energy security, governance, and industrial policy

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