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Quantum technologies and value chains: Why and how Europe must act now

Georg Riekeles

Date: 23/03/2023
As next-generation foundational technologies, quantum computing, communication, and sensing carry significant economic and security implications that go to the core of today’s strategic competition. In contrast with the US, where Big Tech actors dominate, Europe’s strengths lie in a vibrant ecosystem of research organisations and start-ups. This growing ecosystem is now at a critical juncture to develop into an internationally competitive European industry.

This paper is based on research and a series of workshops conducted with European policymakers, stakeholders and industry actors looking into Europe’s technological position in contested international value chains. It proposes ten recommendations for the EU’s industrial policy mix under the following headings:

  • KNOW – Embrace tech forecasting at the EU level
  • COOPERATE – Combine European efforts in an EU Quantum Industrial Alliance
  • INVEST – Mobilise European public-private capital for industrial scale-up
  • PROTECT – Deploy Europe’s defensive toolbox prudently

In a year that will see the launch of the EU Sovereignty Fund and adoption of the European Chips Act, quantum stands as a test case for the EU’s technological competitiveness and industrial policy agenda.

Read the full paper here.
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