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EP Elections Task Force

Europeans will head to the polls between 6 and 9 June 2024 to elect a new European Parliament (EP). This marks the beginning of a new politico-institutional cycle. These elections will also trigger the (s)election of new EU leadership and lead to new priorities for the European Commission and the European Council. It will be Europe’s major democratic event in 2024, charting the Union’s direction for the next five years.

The European Policy Centre will:

  1. Actively engage in and seek to impact this process through its EP Elections Task Force via various activities such as dedicated debate formats and publications.
  2. All seven EPC programmes will contribute to these endeavours individually and collectively, working on transversal policy clusters.

This project page will collect the EPC’s contributions on the elections in the upcoming months.



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By Lieve Fransen , Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 18/03/2024
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From protests to policy: What is the future for EU agriculture in the green transition?
By Stefan Sipka , Marialena Stagianni , Brooke Moore - 14/02/2024
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Associate Director and Head of the Social Europe and Well-being programme
EU politics (including The Netherlands); social policies and healthcare, the nexus between pharmaceutical policy and economic security, gender- and diversity issues and sustainability.
Associate Director and Head of European Politics and Institutions Programme
EU enlargement, Western Balkans, democracy, citizen participation, populism, political parties
Head of the Transnationalisation Programme & Connecting Europe Project Leader
EU Governance, EU institutions, democracy, Germany, European elections, EU reform
Policy Analyst
EU institutions and governance, future of Europe, rule of law, democracy, France, strategic agenda
Programme Assistant
EU enlargement, Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, EU institutions and governance, EU foreign policy and external action, conflict resolution and peacebuilding

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