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CERV- ELEVATED Regranting: Project Presidency Grant

The project is a well-established, flagship activity of the EPC, having accompanied the past six Council Presidencies since the German Presidency in 2020. This Project is part of the EPC’s regranting scheme under project ELEVATED, sponsored by the European Commission's Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)

This re-granting call aims at providing the operational capacity to a partner organisation that would support the EPC’s activities in Project Presidency during the Hungarian Council Presidency in the second semester of 2024. The selected partner organisation would work closely with the EPC to fulfil the objectives of Project Presidency in the Hungarian project edition, including:
  • Establishing an independent dialogue platform to discuss the policy priorities of the Hungarian Council Presidency;
  • Providing analysis and recommendations on the policy priorities of the Council Presidency;
  • Enhancing exchange between Brussels and Budapest, leading to a transnationalisation of debates on European affairs;
  • Enhance European cooperation among think tanks beyond national perspectives;
  • Enhancing European cooperation among think tanks beyond national perspectives.

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