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  Connecting Europe  

In 2017, the EPC launched the programme Connecting Europe, a joint initiative of EPC and Stiftung Mercator.

Connecting Europe enables projects and organisations supported by Stiftung Mercator to actively engage with EU policymakers in Brussels. The programme focuses on joint activities on the future of Europe, democracy, youth, climate, migration and other key issues. 

By conducting those activities, Connecting Europe fosters an open, constructive dialogue between member states and decision-makers in Brussels. It promotes sustainable exchanges between civil society initiatives on the ground and the policy community in Brussels. The project aims to enhance mutual understanding between EU countries and to positively contribute to the cohesion of the European project.

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Civil society / DISCUSSION PAPER
Countering shrinking spaces: Recommendations to support EU civil society
By Sophie Pornschlegel - 11/06/2020
Don’t sacrifice democracy on the altar of public health
By Sophie Pornschlegel - 03/04/2020
Migration / POLICY BRIEF
‘When Mayors make Migration Policy’: What role for cities in EU migration and integration policymaking?
By Petra Bendel , Janina Stürner , Christiane Heimann , Hannes Schammann - 04/03/2020
Franco-German relations / COMMENTARY
Rebooting Franco-German cooperation
By Sophie Pornschlegel - 13/01/2020
Paris agreement / DISCUSSION PAPER
Paris-proofing the next Multiannual Financial Framework
By Marco Giuli - 25/06/2019


Social cohesion / PUBLICATION
Trying Times - Rethinking Social Cohesion
Societies everywhere are faced with profound changes. The megatrends of globalization, digitalization and demographic change are affecting many areas of life and pose several challenges to social cohesion: What is the fate of solidarity in a globalized economy? How do algorithms and social media influence how we live together? How can we shape the future of coexistence in an increasingly diverse society? Addressing these and other issues, the study provides a set of focus questions at the end of each chapter that are designed to promote public debate on how to shape cohesion as we move forward.

Read the full paper here

04 September 2019 - , Deutschland
Bertelsmann Stiftung Gütersloh
European elections / PUBLICATION
The European Election 2019: A Comparative Outlook at the European Election Campaigns in France, Germany and Poland
The discussion paper takes a closer look at the European Election Campaigns 2019 in France, Germany and Poland and analyses whether they favoured the emergence of a Europeanised public sphere.

Read the full paper here

17 July 2019 - , Deutschland
Das Progressive Zentrum


Project Presidency

Connecting Brussels and Berlin


Rule of law / PODCAST

Rule of law: Can't we all just get along?
Rule-of-law concerns have been plaguing the Union for the better part of the last decade, and don’t appear to be going anywhere. At a recent EPC Policy Dialogue, organised as part of our Connecting Europe project and in cooperation with Democracy Reporting International, European Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency Věra Jourová spoke about the current state of rule-law-proceedings and elaborated on the new Commission’s plans to counter democratic backsliding in the member states.
With Rebecca Castermans



Project Leader of ‘Connecting Europe’ and Senior Policy Analyst
European integration, German and French EU policy, Franco-German relations, EU party politics

Project Assistant Connecting Europe

European Integration, Future of Europe, Climate, Sustainability, Political Participation & Youth
Project Assistant (Intern)
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