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Berta López Domènech
Programme Assistant
Berta López Domènech is a Programme Assistant in the European Politics and Institutions Programme at the European Policy Centre, focusing mainly on Western Balkans and EU enlargement policy.

Before joining the EPC, she worked as an intern at the Post-Conflict Research Center in Sarajevo, conducting research about the war and peacebuilding in Bosnia. She also monitored the Bosnian general elections as an international observer. Her work experience in EU affairs includes working at the think tank Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions and a traineeship at the European Committee of the Regions, focusing on territorial cohesion, transport, and climate policy, among other matters. Prior to that, she was a political journalist in Spain.

Berta holds a BA in International Relations from the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and a MA in Advanced Journalism and Reporting from the same university, along with a diploma in New Scenarios in the Balkans from the Complutense University in Madrid.


European Politics and Institutions


Areas of expertise

Western Balkans, EU enlargement, post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding, territorial cohesion and integration, elections

Current positions

Programme Assistant


Bachelor's Degree in International Relations at Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona

Erasmus semester at Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome

Master's degree in Advanced Journalism, Reporting at Blanquerna School of Communications and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona


Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French, German (intermediate), Bosnian (basic)



Strategic foresight / OUTLOOK PAPER
Europe in the world in 2023: Learning the language of power?
By Amanda Paul , Andrew Duff , Ivano di Carlo , Shada Islam , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia , Ricardo Borges de Castro , Iana Maisuradze , Georg E. Riekeles , Maxime Sierro , Rita Mendonça Barbosa Amorim Lobo , Simon Dekeyrel , Marta Mucznik , Svitlana Taran , Philipp Lausberg , Zeynep Güner , Berta López Domènech - 22/02/2023

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