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What drives opposition to immigration and support for radical right-wing populists? Differences in rural and urban environments

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Support for radical right-wing populist parties exists in both cities and the countryside, but the origins are different. It is fuelled, for instance, by the presence of immigrants in certain urban neighbourhoods, but also by factors such as demographic decline and the disappearance of services in rural areas.
Ahead of the European and national elections in May 2019, speakers at the event discussed the circumstances in which citizens in urban and rural areas oppose immigration, and their resulting support for radical right-wing populist parties. They drew recommendations and lessons to inform policymakers and the policy debate.
This Policy Dialogue was organised in cooperation with the SCORE research project, whose findings in this important area were presented during the debate.
Speakers included: Sarah de Lange, Professor, Department of Political Science University of Amsterdam, Member of the SCORE research team, Jolanda Jetten, Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Queensland, Judith Sargentini, Member of the European Parliament, Marie De Somer, Head of Migration and Diversity, European Policy Centre

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