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The EU’s Social Agenda in times of Covid-19

Tuesday, 19 May 2020


Nicolas Schmit
European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights


Claire Dhéret
Head of Social Europe & Well-being Programme

The social situation in the EU has improved in many ways since the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis, reaching record-low unemployment rates in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic is now putting a stop to the progress made in recent years and will have long-lasting repercussions on the economy and society, thus undermining many people’s ability to have a decent life. In this context, the European Union is stepping up its efforts to contain the threat posed to businesses and workers by accelerating its social agenda and delivering on a number of key proposals. Will this be enough? What additional action can be taken to  complement current initiatives and will the current crisis be a wake-up call for a more social Europe?

These questions, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on jobs, workers and people, will be discussed with Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, in an online interactive conversation with Claire Dhéret, Head of EPC's Social Europe & Well-being Programme.

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