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Solutions and constraints for accessing investment at the EU level

Thursday, 19 November 2020


Brendan McDonagh
Advisor, European Investment Bank Advisory Hub
Laurent Ghekiere
EU Representative, L’Union Social pour l’Habitat
Natàlia Frers
Chief Economist, Barcelona Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation
Ripka Štěpán
Advisor for housing policy, Prague City Council


Laura Rayner
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

The affordable housing market is in dire need of support given the decline in investment and the rise in the number of homeless and low-to medium-income people who face affordability problems. In this context, the upcoming InvestEU, together with the existing EU funding programmes, offers an opportunity for the housing market to scale up successful projects and come up with new creative and innovative solutions. However, more work is required to ensure the instrument meets the real investment demand from organisations on the ground and boosts the capacity of the housing sectors to develop investable solutions.

This Task Force meeting will discuss how the affordable housing market can make use of available funding opportunities and identify the main constraints and solutions to achieving this objective. 


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