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Slovakia's parliamentary elections: New challenges ahead?

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Monday, 02 October 2023
 11:00 - 12:00


Michal Vašečka
Program Director, Bratislava Policy Institute
Radovan Geist
Publisher, EURACTIV Slovakia
Zuzana Petková
Director, Stop Corruption Foundation


Teona Lavrelashvili
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Slovakia is set to hold snap elections on 30 September, and pro-Kremlin, populist former Prime Minister, Robert Fico, is poised for a comeback. This outcome would be a challenge for the European Union and the West, potentially weakening their unified stance in the ongoing geopolitical tensions with Russia.
The elections come after a tumultuous period for Slovak politics, marked by a vote of no confidence and three different prime ministers in less than a year. With the coalition government led by Prime Minister Eduard Heger disintegrating in December 2022, the upcoming vote will likely focus on inflation and the level of aid provided to Ukraine.
This online EPC Elections Monitor will discuss the implications of Slovakia’s election results. How will they influence Slovakia's domestic and foreign politics? How has Russian disinformation impacted the Slovakian electoral campaign? To what extent should EU governments be concerned about anti-Western propaganda affecting the elections? What are the implications for Slovakia’s relationship with the Central Eastern Europe and the EU?
Participation is open to EPC members only, the media, and EU officials

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