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Policy Dialogue
Green transition: Digitalisation as an enabler for citizen participation

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Tuesday, 24 October 2023
 14:00 - 15:30


Andy Kerr
Chief Strategy Officer, EIT Climate-KIC
Assya Kavrakova
Executive Director, European Citizen Action Service
Paolo Caridi
Head of Unit, Communication, Civil Society Relations & Climate Pact, DG for Climate Action, European Commission


Stefan Sipka
Acting Head of the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme, European Policy Centre

The European Policy Centre is delighted to invite you to this online Policy Dialogue on digitalisation’s role in empowering citizens to take part in the green transition. The event is part of the EPC’s Green Deal for Real event series and is supported by META.
The urgency to accelerate the green transition is growing by the day. The climate emergency, biodiversity loss and pollution challenges threaten life as we know it. The war in Ukraine has put increasing pressure on our food and energy systems while providing an opportunity to make them more resilient and sustainable. The green transition - improving our energy, mobility and food systems and how and what we produce and consume - offers enormous benefits for people, businesses and the planet, but it needs to be supported by people as citizens and consumers.
This Policy Dialogue will consider the role of data and digital solutions in educating and empowering citizens, enabling behavioural change, tackling disinformation, promoting citizen science and connecting stakeholders. It will consider the possibilities, challenges, and prospects of using digital solutions to encourage and enable citizen participation in the green transition.
Participation is open to EPC invitees and members, the media, and EU officials

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