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Policy Dialogue
Bioeconomy: a driver for the European Green Deal?

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Tuesday, 12 July 2022
 14:00 - 15:30


Adrian Leip
Head of Sector, Bioeconomy, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Ben Allen
Interim Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy
Claire Skentelbery
Director General, EuropaBio
Felipe Ortega Schlingmann
Head of Division, Bioeconomy, European Investment Bank
Joanna Drake
Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission (pre-recorded statement)


Stefan Sipka
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

The European bioeconomy can deliver multiple economic, societal and environmental benefits, and thus support the European Green Deal. As the EU hopes to become more resilient in the face of supply disruptions caused by the pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine, there is a new urgency to make better use of European renewable biological resources. Sustainable use of these resources can enhance climate action, resource efficiency, biodiversity and food security.

The European Commission adopted a Bioeconomy Strategy in 2012, updated it in 2018, and published a progress report, “European Bioeconomy Policy: Stocktaking and future developments”, on 9 June 2022. This Policy Dialogue will reflect on the findings of the new report and encourage discussion on the EU’s progress, the potential of bioeconomy to support the goals of the European Green Deal, and the challenges that remain to be addressed. 

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