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EU Presidency
Belgium’s priorities for the Presidency of the Council

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

Thon EU


Willem van de Voorde
Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU


Elizabeth Kuiper
Associate Director & Head of the Social Europe and Well-being Programme, European Policy Centre
Jean-Louis De Brouwer
Director, European Affairs Programme, Egmont Institute

In January 2024, Belgium will take over the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the 13th time. The Belgian Presidency will be particularly important as it will steer the debates on the European Council’s Strategic Agenda and lead up to the European Parliament elections in June 2024.

The Belgian Presidency’s priorities will be presented on 8 December. Besides climate change, economic growth, and social cohesion, the Belgian Presidency will also need to deal with the complex geopolitical environment and finalising ongoing legislative initiatives before the end of the term.

In this in-person Presidency Briefing, the Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU, Ambassador Willem van de Voorde, will discuss the priorities of the Belgian Council Presidency. The event is organised by the EPC and Egmont Institute.

Participation is open to EPC members only, the media, and EU officials

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