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Liza Saris
Project Manager

Liza Saris is the Project Manager for Connecting Europe, a joint initiative by the EPC and Stiftung Mercator aimed at connecting civil society organizations with the Brussels policy community. Her areas of expertise include European identities and nationalism, civic engagement and participation, as well as public space and democracy.


Before joining the EPC, she coordinated several EU-funded projects with grassroots civil society to stimulate transnational civic collaboration and engagement across Europe. She gained her initial professional experience as a program assistant for the Jean-Monnet Centre of Excellence - Amsterdam Centre for European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and as a freelance (policy) researcher for various CSOs based in Brussels.


She holds both a Master's and Bachelor's degree in European Studies: Identity and Integration from the University of Amsterdam. Additionally, she studied at the Freie Universität Berlin as an Erasmus student, focusing on International Relations.





Connecting Europe

Areas of expertise

European identities and nationalism, civic engagement and participation, EU cultural policy, EUropean public sphere, democracy and integration

Current positions


Master's and Bachelor's Degree in Euroepan Studies: Intentity and Integration, University of Amsterdam.


Dutch, English, German (intermediate), French (basic)


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