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Evin Jongen-Fay
Programme Assistant
Evin Jongen-Fay is a Programme Assistant for the European Political Economy Programme at the European Policy Centre. Prior to joining the EPC, he worked at RSF’s East Asia Bureau as an editorial assistant and researcher, focusing on monitoring press freedom in Hong Kong and China. His main research interests include European Economic Governance, International Economic Relations, The Single Market, and Trade.

He holds a MA in Politics from the University of Edinburgh,as well as a MsC Political Economy from the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the geopolitics of energy across Eurasia and the rise of the Renminbi as an international currency.


Europe’s Political Economy


Areas of expertise

Single market, international economic relations, EU trade policy, European economic governance, China-EU relations

Current positions

Programme Assistant


MA Politics from the University of Edinburgh
MsC Political Economy From the University of Amsterdam


English, Dutch, Portuguese, French



Transatlantic affairs / EPC ROUND-UP
Searching for economic security in an age of confrontation: The Trade and Technology Council takes shape
By Annika Hedberg , Guillaume Van der Loo , Frederico Mollet , Georg Riekeles , Simon Dekeyrel , Evin Jongen-Fay - 19/05/2022

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