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Auriane Técourt
Research Fellow
Auriane Técourt is a Research Fellow at the European Policy Centre, working on AI. 

During her studies, Auriane discovered a strong interest for the societal impacts of AI and the puzzle of AI regulation, which led to her Master's thesis focusing on the hidden ethics of algorithms. More specifically, Auriane studied how the normative assumptions behind transport planning algorithms affect the fairness of the subsequent transport policies, highlighting that there is no such thing as a truly fair or objective AI and its use in policy needs to be carefully studied and evaluated.


Europe’s Political Economy


Areas of expertise

Generative AI, ethics of data and AI applications, transport justice and policy, simulation modelling for policymaking

Current positions

Research Fellow


BSc Physics, TU Berlin
MSc. Engineering and Policy Analysis, TU Delft


French, English, German, Spanish



Artificial Intelligence / DISCUSSION PAPER
AI and the future of work: Linking generative AI with social, economic, and labour market policies
By Tommaso Grossi , Giulia Torchio , Auriane Técourt - 12/03/2024

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