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Countdown to the Washington NATO Summit: Priorities and expectations in 2024

NATO leaders will meet in Washington, D.C. in July 2024 – 75 years after the signature of the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949. After seventy-five years, NATO remains vital to European and Euro-Atlantic security. With Russia’s illegal, fullscale invasion of Ukraine, now in its third year, NATO has a significant and instrumental role in determining how the Western liberal order survives and shapes the revamped European Security Architecture. Now a family of 32 member states, NATO’s mission continues to be defence and deterrence, in particular deterring Russia from threatening the sovereign states in its vicinity.

NATO leaders will address transatlantic security as viewed through the lens of this year’s high stakes elections. In this EPC compendium, authors discuss and analyse the key issues to be addressed in the Summit’s priorities, such as: Ukraine’s path into the Alliance and security guarantees; defence and deterrence on the Eastern Flank; the defence spending pledge; nuclear deterrence; NATO-EU relations; Black Sea security; open-door policy; NATO’s stance on Indo-Pacific and China; the future of the Alliance with 32 members; the appointment of the next Secretary General, and recommended outcomes.

Read the full paper here.

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