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CERV - ELEVATED Regranting: Project Presidency - Spain 2023

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Date: 03/07/2023
The EPC has selected the Elcano Royal Institute for the first regranting opportunity under the ELEVATED Project to carry out activities around the Spanish Presidency of the Council.

The EPC’s Project Presidency has selected the Elcano Royal Institute – a leading Spanish think tank for international and foreign affairs – for the first regranting opportunity under the ELEVATED Project, sponsored by the European Commission's Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV). 

During the six months of the Spanish Presidency, Elcano and EPC will team up to bring together decision-makers, policy experts, and analysts from Brussels and Madrid with a view to:

  • Establish an independent dialogue platform to discuss the policy priorities of the Spanish Council Presidency.
  • Provide analysis and recommendations on the policy priorities of the Council Presidency.
  • Exchange views between Brussels and Madrid-based experts and policymakers, thus contributing to increasing transnationalism in debates on European affairs.
  • Enhance intra-European European think tank cooperation, establishing links between national and pan-European think tanks.
  • Bring EU decision-making closer to Member States.

Johannes Greubel, Senior Policy Analyst and Project Leader of ‘Connecting Europe’, said, “The EPC is committed to working closely with our European partner think tanks across the EU. To support this effort, we are happy to carry out our first re-granting cooperation with the leading Spanish think tank Elcano in the context of the Spanish Council Presidency”.

Project Presidency has connected policy debates on key issues on the EU agenda since the German Presidency of the Council in 2020.

For more information regarding the Project, its events and publications, please consult this page.

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