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PRO-RES, a Horizon2020 project on Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Non-medical Research, including the EPC (for other partners see here), aims to develop a guiding framework of the highest standards of research ethics and scientific integrity covering all non-medical sciences, including finance and economics. The collaborative project, comprised of a consortium of 14 entities from 10 countries, seeks to ensure the delivery of Responsible Research and Innovation, which is required from researchers and research funding and performing organisations to balance conflicting political, institutional and professional interests and constraints. This framework will cover the spectrum of non-medical sciences and offer practical solutions that will comply with the highest standards of research ethics and integrity, for all stakeholders.

PRO-RES will draw upon previous foundational work funded by the European Commission and other national and international agencies. To be durable and sustainable, the outcome must also be flexible enough to meet anticipated future needs. It is also essential to ensure that the Framework incorporates Responsible Research and Innovation principles and practices. Consequently, the framework will be ‘staged’ starting with a simple introductory level of ‘basic principles’ leading to more explanatory/background levels and ultimately more complex aids for decision-making at later stages.



Chief Executive and Chief Economist 
Europe’s political economy, Future of Europe, EU relationship with third countries, transnational think tank cooperation

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