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Other health-related activities

Europeans value health as a key component of well-being. Health is also an asset for society and for the economy. As healthy workers, we are likely to be more motivated, productive and innovative than co-workers in ill health. If we remain healthy as we age, we can continue to enjoy our lives to the fullest, contribute to society and save both our and the public sector's money on health and social services.

However, health is much more than a product of healthcare services. People’s health and well-being are also affected by behaviour, genetic makeup, demographic elements such as age, gender and population sub-group, access to information and technologies that support health, working conditions and environment.

To create a healthier European society, health must be seen and treated as a cross-sectoral issue, and health considerations must become an integral part of EU policy development. It is in Europe’s interest to promote health across its societies and use innovative products, services and processes when they can support and improve health outcomes in a cost-effective way.

The EPC’s main forum for health activities is the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society (CHES), which currently focuses on different aspects of the economics of health and healthcare. However, every now and then, the EPC promotes discussion on other health-related issues that go beyond the scope of CHES activities in the given year. These events and publications reflect the diversity of issues that support, promote and affect Europeans’ health. They help to highlight why health must become an issue across society and across EU policies.

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