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New Pact for Europe

The New Pact for Europe (NPE) aimed to promote a European-wide debate on reform proposals addressing three fundamental questions which need to be answered to develop an effective response to the multi-dimensional crisis Europeans are facing. The goal was to foster a wider public debate on the EU’s future at both European and national level, involving not only policy-makers but also citizens; to contribute fresh but also realistic thinking and ideas on how to address the challenges facing Europe; and to help close widening gaps between Member States and even within EU countries about Europe’s future. Between 2016 and 2017 and drawing on an earlier project phase (2013-2014), the NPE initiative has thus developed and discussed different strategic options and reform proposals for the EU’s future at more than 80 events in 17 EU countries. The ideas and recommendations included in the final report were presented to key policy-makers in Brussels and the EU member states.

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Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Studies
Institutional reform, poly-crisis, differentiated integration, enlargement, reform of economic governance

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