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MERGE is a Horizon Europe project that builds on the scientific work of several Horizon Europe consortiums (WISE Horizons, Sustainability Performances, Evidence, and Scenarios (SPES) and the ToBe project, of which the EPC is a member) and a European Research Council grant. These projects will provide improved knowledge on indicators beyond GDP, alternative and more sustainable policy options, and scenarios for a sustainable future. MERGE aims to create synergies between these projects and reach a consensus on frameworks and indicators to measure multidimensional well-being.

Using the EPC’s Well-being Economy Policy Lab to support a co-creation process, the EPC, in coordination with the project partners, will:

  1. Establish multi-stakeholder networks.
  2. Promote science-policy dialogue within and between these networks.
  3. Develop training tools based on the perspectives and needs of the actors involved in policy implementation.

By combining practical understanding with cutting-edge research, we provide a platform to assess and adopt indicators and frameworks and apply them in day-to-day work and decision-making.



Senior Policy Analyst

Social Europe, economic governance, wellbeing economy, Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Just Transition, demographic change, the future of work

Policy Analyst
Labour rights, inequality, the digital economy,  economic governance,  international politics,  social protection and the welfare state

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