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EU-Africa Forum

The EU-Africa Forum, launched in 2008, aims to make some specific and innovative contributions to the debate on how to maximise progress in the context of a changing Europe-Africa relationship.

The EU-Africa Forum seeks to promote a fair view of the African renaissance among European public policy-makers, business and opinion leaders; contribute to the development of EU policies which stimulate better governance and sustainable economic development, and which create the conditions for greater respect of social and human rights in Africa; focus on trade policies stimulating fair economic relations (rather than on aid policy); study the role of economic policies conducive to human and civic rights, peace and security in Africa.
In 2010 the Forum concentrates its activities on three topics. Food security and sustainable agriculture will examine the issue also as a way to address broader concerns regarding GMOs, overpopulation, socio-economic and environmental sustainability, migration challenges, and the ways in which agriculture can promote Africa’s economic development.
Good governance will be the other core focus of the EPC’s EU-Africa activities. It will constitute the key lens through which examine economic and political governance issues in EU-Africa trade and political relations, the challenges for the Economic Partnership Agreements, but also to understand the challenges for individuals and communities in Africa to develop sustainable economic activities.

The work already done on business accountability is being continued by exploring the feasiblity of a peer review mechanisms to complement attempts by the EU and international public organisations to fight corruption and other harmful business practices in Africa. Attention will also be paid to the effects of the financial crisis in Africa, the characteristics of the financial services sector and its strengths and weaknesses in contributing to good public governance and economic development

The Forum held a workshop in May on the External Partnership Agreements and their likely effects, and is planning workshops on financial services, governance and development; and on food production and sustainable agriculture.
It recently published a Policy Brief on Europe's contribution to anti-corruption efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Forum is coordinated by Rosa Balfour, Senior Policy Analyst.

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