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Conference on the Future of Europe

Since the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) has been announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the EPC has played an active role in promoting the CoFoE, analysing the debate around it, and giving recommendations to set up a successful Conference process. The EPC will continue to closely monitor and analyse the Conference, provide recommendations to policymakers and organisers, and follow up on the outcome.

Based on the EPC’s extensive past work in the context of citizens’ participation, the team will observe and evaluate the citizens’ participation processes of the Conference on local, national and transnational level and give recommendations on how to structurally improve the involvement of citizens in the EU’s policy-making processes. By means of cooperation of all six EPC programmes, we will contribute to the Conference discussions with independent policy advice in all issues that will be discussed during the one-year process, including the monitoring of the institutional reform debate.



Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
The Conference on the Future of Europe: Mind the gaps!
By Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis - 12/03/2021
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The Conference on the Future of Europe: Is the EU still serious about the Balkans?
By Corina Stratulat , Milena Lazarevic - 02/10/2020
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Schuman at seventy
By Andrew Duff - 06/05/2020
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
How is the COVID-19 crisis serving the EU?
By Corina Stratulat - 02/04/2020
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Second draft blueprint for the Conference on the Future of Europe
By Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis - 30/01/2020
Structural reforms / DISCUSSION PAPER
The European Union makes a new push for democracy
By Andrew Duff - 28/11/2019
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Citizens expect: Lessons from the European Citizens' Consultations
By Corina Stratulat , Paul Butcher - 21/05/2019
Power politics - From rhetoric to results on EU energy policy
By European Policy Centre - 02/03/2007


Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Studies
Institutional reform, poly-crisis, differentiated integration, enlargement, reform of economic governance
Associate Director and Head of European Politics and Institutions Programme
EU enlargement, Western Balkans, democracy, citizen participation, populism, political parties

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