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Visa liberalisation for Kosovo - Moving from isolation to integration?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Kosovo is at the heart of the Balkans, but still outside the visa-free regime enjoyed by all of its regional neighbours. While conversations about facilitating travel to Schengen area countries by lifting visa requirements are met with unease in the current refugee crisis-stricken EU context, Kosovo’s visa liberalisation prospects are linked to the credibility of the EU and its policies, the development of Kosovo and security in the Balkans. Additionally, the visa liberalisation process with Kosovo was already launched by the EU in 2012 and Kosovo has a clear European perspective that the EU has consistently reiterated over the years. Therefore, the conversation about visa liberalisation in Kosovo cannot be ignored, nor should it be postponed, despite the current climate. The European Policy Centre (EPC) convened this Policy Dialogue with Kosovar and EU policymakers and experts to discuss recent developments in the process and consider prospects for its completion.

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