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Policy Dialogue
Clean air: Time to capture the health, economic and environmental benefits

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Thursday, 08 December 2022
 13:30 - 16:00


Anne Stauffer
Deputy Director, Strategic Lead, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)
Catherine Ganzleben
Head of Group, Air Pollution, Environment and Health, European Environment Agency
Jérome Arnaudis
Vice President, Air Solutions, SUEZ
Lina Forsman
Policy Officer, Gothenburg European Office
Veronica Manfredi
Director, Zero Pollution, DG Environment, European Commission


Stefan Sipka
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre


The European Commission has rightly proposed stricter rules on air quality. Europe sees hundreds of thousands of premature deaths annually because of air pollution. The levels of air pollutants across the continent continue to exceed the existing EU standards and the more stringent World Health Organisation’s guidelines. The air we breathe affects people’s health and productivity, healthcare systems, and the labour market. Reducing emissions will also contribute to climate action. 

This hybrid Policy Dialogue will reflect on the EU’s challenges with achieving clean air, such as the ongoing energy crisis and the rise of wood and coal burning. It will assess the possibilities of improving air quality in Europe, including the role of innovative solutions. Finally, it will consider the strength and weaknesses of the European Commission’s proposal for clean air, the prospects for negotiations with the Council of the EU and the European Parliament, and how to ensure achieving clean air gets the attention it deserves.

Lunch will be served from13.30 to 14.00.

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