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Rebecca Tillery
Project Assistant
Rebecca Tillery works as a project assistant for the joint EPC-Stiftung Mercator project 'Connecting Europe.' She joined the EPC in December 2021 to help connect projects supported by Stiftung Mercator with the Brussels policy community. Rebecca's expertise lies in Democracy and Civil Society, Rule of Law, Evidence-based Security Policy and Political Anthropology.

She is also an ambassador for One Young World and researches evidence-based social policy as a fellow at St James Research Centre. Before joining the EPC, Rebecca gained research experience while living, working or studying across Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. She speaks German, English as well as Spanish and is learning French.

She earned her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations at Jacobs University Bremen. Her thesis was about the role of the European Union in the Romanian Civil Society's pursuit to strengthen the Rule of Law. Her Master's Degree from UCL provided her with in-depth knowledge of institutional- and political anthropology. She applies this expertise to understand novel configurations of inter-state relations and unfamiliar forms of civil society's influence on the democratic processes.


Connecting Europe


Areas of expertise

Democracy and Civil Society, Rule of Law, Evidence-Based Security Policymaking, Political Anthropology, and Institution Building

Current positions


MSc Politics, Violence, and Crime at UCL 202;
BA International Relations: Politics and History at Jacobs University Bremen 2020


English, German and Spanish


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