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Policy Dialogue
Climate security - Need for a joint NATO-EU strategy?

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021
 15:00 - 16:00


Benedetta Berti
Head of Policy Planning in the Office of the Secretary General, NATO
Erin Sikorsky
Director, Center for Climate and Security; Director, International Military Council on Climate and Security
Thomas Waitz
Member of Committee on Foreign Affairs, European Parliament


Ionela Ciolan
Research Fellow, European Policy Centre

The recent COP26 UN Climate Conference concluded with mixed results, acknowledging that we need to better prepare for the future. Climate change has lasting socio-economic and political consequences and brings with it multiple risks. While the phenomenon does not directly lead to conflict, its ramifications foster instability, insecurity, and uncertainty.

Both the European Union (EU) and NATO are at the forefront of dealing with and adapting to climate threats. While the EU has set itself a clear ambition in the fight against climate change, not all member states share the same enthusiasm with differences of perception about climate-related security risks. Moreover, the NATO 2030 Reflection Group report highlights key areas where the alliance can improve its readiness, resilience and preparedness by integrating more climate security measures in NATO’s exercises, planning, awareness and early warning thinking processes.

At this online Policy Dialogue, speakers will discuss the situation with regard to climate security in both EU and NATO, and their respective plans to limit the security implications of climate change and promote greater cooperation between the two. The event will also provide a transatlantic perspective with a view to fostering transatlantic cooperation on the climate-security nexus.

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